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300 LBS BODYBUILDERS & Mass Monsters – Nutrition & Workout

When we talk about mass monsters, Those are the freakiest 300 LBS bodybuilders and some are 250 pounds shorter and got the same enormous size as well, Illia Golem, Big Ramy, Ronnie Coleman.

So what is the secret of them being so freaky, Is it the genetics, workout, or nutrition or all of them let us find out.


Of course, Genetics is king, it is what will decide your competition weight, height, your body response to food and workout, and also which body part is dominating so Genetics is the start, remember why everyone called Phil Heath the gift.

Because he had the best-looking physique, Ronnie Coleman was the legend, and so on…

Looking at those 300 lbs bodybuilders like Morgan Aste, and Big Ramy they had freakish size and they kept growing year after year that is GENETICS.


Some people think that to maintain that you need to do a ton of workouts, actually, it is the opposite.

it is not about the duration of the workout, It is the intensity because you can do a 3 hours workout with half the intensity of the Branch Warren workout WHY?

The new bodybuilding school now suggest an intense workout with less duration will get you the best benefit so when you look at those mass monsters their workout is just 1 to 2 hours per day with very high-intensity heavyweights, supersets, drop sets, less rest between sets have a look at the below workout split.


Yes it doesn’t sound so crazy but the intensity is insane because you are trying to breakdown 300 pounds of muscle fibres see below the insanity.

Some bodybuilders use different splits, and it depends on the program they are on and how their bodies respond but for example, Dorian Yates used to do only one muscle per day per week and it works for some bodybuilders too.

Some bodybuilders like Hunter Labrada 5’9 and 250 lbs do a push /pull split a typical push/pull split will look like below:



Let us come to the fun part and that is how the 300 lbs get fed, if you have that much mass then you should be eating tons of protein, tons of calories to push those muscles to grow otherwise you will be undereating,

What a typical meal in a day will look like

  • 1st meal post cardio (6:00 am) : 10 to 15 eggs + porridge or sweet potato
  • 2nd meal (9:00 am) : 300 to 500 grams (10 to 17 oz) of chicken breast + steam rice
  • 3rd meal (12:00 pm): 300 to 500 (10 – 17 oz) grams of white fish + steam rice ,veggies
  • 4th meal (3:00 pm): 400 (14 oz) grams of steak + potato
  • 5th meal (6:00 pm): 300 (10 oz) grams of chicken breast + steam rice
  • 6th meal (9:00 pm): 225 (8 oz) grams of chicken breast + 225 (8 oz) grams of steak + veggies

    Of course many of you will immediately jump to the conclusion that how someone can take that much protein and how the kidney will process that…we will answer that below


According to the protein recommendation provided by the NIH’s DRI and the USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans the protein intake for a lean bodybuilder are between 2.3-3.1 g/kg of weight so for 300 lbs (136 kg) his protein intake will be around 350 to 400 grams


As per research in PMID: 10722779

Although a high protein intake will increase the uric acid and creatinine in kidneys, for a healthy kidney and a healthy metabolism there is no risk of using a high protein diet while consuming the correct amount of water

Another research on with no. PMID: 32375656
has also indicated that there is no relation between kidney problems happened to bodybuilders compared to regular people

so the conclusion is when taking the correct amount of protein related to a muscle mass for a healthy kidney it will be processed without risks

If you want to see a typical day for the 300 lbs bodybuilders Illai Golem would look like then CLICK HERE.


Is it healthy to be 300 pounds?

Generally speaking, no it is not healthy to be 300 pounds. This is because the risk of developing serious health complications increases significantly with higher body weights. Excessive weight can also put stress on our organs, including the heart and lungs, as well as leading to musculoskeletal problems such as joint pain and backaches.

Being overweight or obese carries a much greater risk for hypertension (high blood pressure), type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallbladder disease, sleep apnea and other respiratory disorders, fatty liver disease (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis), osteoarthritis (a degenerative joint disorder) and some types of cancer (such as endometrial cancer). Other conditions associated with being overweight or obese include infertility in women & men and menstrual irregularities in women.

However it’s important to remember that being at an unhealthy weight isn’t something you should be ashamed of – there are many contributing factors that may lead someone to become overweight or obese such as genetics; physical activity levels; emotional factors; medical conditions or medications; age or gender; lifestyle choices such diet quality & portion size; behavior related to food intake & appetite control. Therefore the most effective approach for anyone struggling with their weight is to equip themselves with knowledge about what is a healthy body-weight goal for them personally by seeking professional advice from GP’s/Dietitians who will assess all these various aspects before creating an individualised diet & exercise plan based on realistic goals which are suitable for each person’s lifestyle needs

Ultimately though if someone’s BMI (body mass index) puts them into ‘obese’ category then they need to actively work towards reducing it through a combination of healthier eating habits combined with increased physical activity in order reduce their overall health risks long term.

What percentage of Americans weigh over 300 lbs?

According to Research Gate, between 1976 to 2000 (1,2) and currently 5.7% of the US population is over 300lbs.

What are the benefits of being a 300 lbs bodybuilder?

Being a 300 lbs bodybuilder can provide several advantages, both physical and mental.

Physically, the main benefit of being a 300 lbs bodybuilder is increased strength. With more muscle mass comes more force potential. This means you’ll be able to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time without tiring as quickly or risking injury as easily. In addition to that, having greater muscle mass also helps with thermogenesis – the body’s process of burning calories in order to produce energy and maintain proper temperature. This means that your metabolism will be higher than normal, allowing you to burn even more fat from training and dieting alike!

Mentally, being a 300 lbs bodybuilder can bring about several positive changes in lifestyle choices and self-esteem. When pushing yourself physically towards such goals in weightlifting, you will develop mental toughness on top of building actual muscles and strength! The sense of accomplishment when striving towards large goal milestones can help build confidence which carries into other aspects of life like work or relationships. Additionally, having an aesthetically pleasing physique (or simply one that you are proud of) has been proven to positively impact moods too – so don’t forget how important psychological factors are when reaching any milestone or goal!

How does one become a 300 lbs bodybuilder?

Becoming a 300 lbs bodybuilder requires dedication, hard work, and determination. The key to achieving this type of physique is making sure you have a well-structured training program that takes into account your individual goals and abilities. Here are some tips for becoming an effective 300 lbs bodybuilder:

Train heavy: Training with heavy weights at least 4 times per week is essential for building muscle mass and strength. Heavy weight training should focus on compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, bench presses, pull-ups and military press. It’s important to ensure your form is correct when performing these exercises so you get the most out of each rep. You can also mix up your routine by adding in isolation exercises such as bicep curls or triceps extensions to target specific muscles groups in order to build size and symmetry in your physique.

Eat right: In order to gain those extra pounds you must consume more calories than what you burn off throughout the day not only during workouts but through everyday activities as well; shooting for an additional 500 calories a day should give you enough energy to make gains without overdoing it too much with fat gains from excessive calorie intake At least 50% of those calories should come from slow digesting complex carbs (rice, potatoes etc) combined with protein sources like lean meats and dairy products; about 25% should be healthy fats like avocados & nuts while limiting sugar intake whenever possible Additionally supplementing vitamins & minerals can help keep your body functioning correctly while promoting gains & recovery during intense training sessions

Rest adequately: Getting enough rest between workout days allows fatigue toxins built up during exercise time being flushed out which helps renew energy levels enabling longer & harder workouts reducing plateau risk; sleeping 7-8 hours daily helps promote growth hormone production facilitating faster muscle repair necessary after thorough workouts – that way adaptations occur faster leading towards desired results quicker Also allowing full recovery before exhausting yourself again could prevent injuries caused by exhaustion which take away weeks or even months away from gym time needed for progress Remember proper rest equals stronger gains!

4 Stick To Your Plan: Adhering strictly to the plan goes hand in hand with consistency – setting aside 2-3hours four days a week dedicated solely on reaching goals + adjusting accordingly if something isn’t working leads towards setting personal bests increasing motivation further on; mental note keeping regarding each set/rep performed log length regarding intensity levels encountered allow tracking progress made and any adjustments needed helping stay focused towards end goal easily.


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