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IFBB PRO Ahmed Ashknani who trained in the oxygen gym has already been working hard to try and capture the Olympia 212 title.

He was able to achieve second place after Flex Lewis in 2016 and 2017 after Kamal ALgargni

Ahmed Ashknani Bio:
Country: Kuwait
Height 160 cm (5’2)
Competition weight: 212 lbs
Off-season weight: 240 lbs
Gym: Oxygen Gym Kuwait

Ahmed Ashknani posing routine in 2021

Competition Results

2021 Romania Muscle Fest Pro 212 Bodybuilding2
2021 Prague Pro 212 Bodybuilding1
2021 212 Olympia6
2020 Olympia 2125
2019 Olympia 2125
2019 New York Pro 2121
2018 Olympia 2124
2017 Olympia 2122
2017 Arnold Classic 2121
2016 Olympia 2122
2016 Tampa Pro 2121
2015 Olympia Amateur Spain2
2015 Arnold Amateur2
2014 Asian Amateur Championships2
2013 Amateur Olympia Bahrain1
2013 Arnold Amateur Europe1
2011 World Amateur Championships10
2011 Arnold Amateur Europe2
Competition results

Mr. Olympia 212

Today he was able to make a bigger size but he has had a larger waist size which is what affects him on his latest few Olympians in place.

If you compare him with Kamal or Derek Lunsford they were able to bring size with the condition and a small waist which is the shape of Mr. Olympia 212

Watch his final posing routine video and let us know your opinion below

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