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As you know Arnold Classic has been postponed from March to October due to COVID-19 restrictions so that had changed the contenders as some has canceled and others have got an invitation, Let us look at the results

Arnold Classic 2021 Winners

Overall: Nick Walker

Classic Physique (Men): Logan Franklin

Fitness (Women): Missy Truscott

10th Place Seung Chul Lee (South Korea)
Prize: $2000

Seung Chul Lee

Chul has a tremendous improvement over the last show but still need lots of size on his back and hamstring in order to compete with such level and also need some extra conditioning

9th Place Hassan Moustafa (Egypt)
Prize: $2000

Hassan Moustafa

Hassan has completed so far in 6 shows and he has already been qualified for his first Olympia this year, Hassan is carrying lots of muscles especially on the quads and hamstring, however, he is always come out of shape, it seems that he and his coach Chris Aceto has not fully understood his body yet, but Chris mentioned they are having a hard time getting in shape as he has low metabolism, Hassan needs to get leaner even by losing some muscles till they figure out how his body works

8th Place Maxx Charles (USA)
Prize: $2000

Maxx Charles

Maxx Charles has brought a defined physique however he has looked a little bit smaller but with a tiny waist and top condition but he lacks overall size in order to beat the top contenders

7th Place Mohamed Elemam (Egypt)
Prize: $2000

Mohamed Elemam

Mohamed is living in Russia and his coach is Milos sarcev, Mohamed doesn’t have the best looking physique but he has worked hard to keep very good conditioning and build some size over his last show

6th Place Sergio Oliva Jr (USA)
Prize: $10,000

Sergio Oliva Jr.

Sergio Oliva Jr son of Sergio Oliva the legend is already gifted with a beautiful physique and he has been consistently improving every year, and in 2021 we have seen a complete new Sergio especially size and conditioning as well and because it was a very tough battle 6th place is great he also won the best poser award

5th Place Akim William (USA)
Prize: $15,000

Akim Williams

Akim has recently changed his coach to Abdullah ELotiby from Oxygen Gym, and surprisingly he was not in the condition as he was in Peurto Rico pro which he was phenomenal, Akim is carrying a lot of muscles and guys like Akim are not easy to be in condition due to the muscle mass he carry, let us see him in Olympia few weeks from now

4th Justin Rodriguez (USA)
Prize: $30,000

Justin Rodriguez

Justin had amazing physique with good separations and definitions with small waist has brought an ultimate package which reminds us with Shawn Rhoden, Justin had earlier suffered from small quads which have been improved a lot however he needs some size on his hamstring and glutes

3rd Steve Kuclo (USA)
Prize: $50,000

Steve Kuclo

that was a very strong battle to steve and many have anticipated a higher rank, and Steve has come on his best physique with size and conditioning but was not enough to beat Ian Valliere which has beaten him with only two points

2nd Place Ian Valliere (CANADA)
Prize: $75,000

Ian Valliere

Ian Valliere who just appeared recently has made massive changes in his size since last year Olympia and he has also come in shape and very hard, even Glutes was so sharp so we can consider that is the best shape has ever brought, Ian had a very small calf comparing to his quads and he needs to improve it however sometimes it is genetics that needs a lot of hard work to alter it

1st Place Nick “The Mutant” Walker (USA)
Prize: $130,000

Nick Walker

We have already talked about Nick Transformation (click here) he has been continuously improving show by show, he had a massive size on his frame and also top condition when it comes to separations, he also improved his back especially lower, there is absolutely no flow on Nick physique and I do expect him to be top 6 in Olympia 2021

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Other Divisions:

  • Classic Physique Winner — Terrence Ruffin
  • Fitness International Winner — Missy Truscott
  • Bikini International Winner — Jennifer Dorie

The next show is Olympia 2021
The Olympia weekend will take place from Oct. 7-10 in Orange County Convention Center – West Concourse

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