Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Big Ramy public appology May 2022

As you all know Big Ramy has been absent for some time not attending shows, not making online content not even answering phones, which made some of the guru out there suspect he is maybe having some trouble or not going to compete in the Olympia, However

you can see in his video below he had some personal issues that prevented him from attending the Pittsburgh pro 2022 which is being Handled by the IFBB PRO president himself Jim Manion , With that said Big Ramy appeared on his full size, looking huge as usual , and despite the fact that even in the past years sometimes he disappears and doesn’t make content as well ,But everything at the end is alright, Guys remember Phil Heath before the Olympia every year he also disappears completely and then post a picture with his long beard and that is nothing but hard work before the Olympia focus and cut distraction so hopefully we see Big Ramy in the Olympia kicking it

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