Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Cedric McMillan talks about his Near-Death Experience

Cedric open up talks about his near-death experience where he had difficulty breathing

Cedric has been lately out of shows after he got the COVID last year and many fans were surprised to not see Cedric regularly whether competing or guess posing, and it turns out that post-COVID Cedric was not 100% feeling okay

Fans also anticipated seeing Cedric in Legion sports fest pro but have not appeared so in the latest interview with GENERATION IRON Cedric McMillan revealed that he start to have difficulty breathing and he had to go to the hospital, but when he arrived they immediately found he got pneumonia which is fluid on lungs and that seems got developed over a period of time

his heart efficiency was 10% so he was near death condition, but when Cedric gelt short of breath before he thought it is because he was on off-season and that is because he already added a lot of muscles, unfortunately, it was not so eventually he went to the hospital

So Doctors immediately rose concern about the previous COVID and Cedric confirmed to them so they told him he has developed pneumonia post-COVID and that was getting developed over many months and will be cured

After a few days in the hospital, Cedric tried to leave and remove all the wires but doctors stopped him as his condition was still dangerous, eventually, he got recovered and he is preparing to compete in Arnold classic 2022

Cannot wait to see Cedric on stage in 2022, Good luck champ!

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