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Cheat meal is a term we hear all the time and we see a lot of guys in shape are having a regular cheat meal or cheat day, take a look at the “the Rock” Dwayne Johnson, for example, every Sunday burgers, pizza, or pasta with a lot of fat and cheese and yet he is in his best shape with a six pack so what is the deal guys?
George Farah and Dave Palumbo used to have cheat meals on their programs to bodybuilders, if you want to read about why you are not losing weight click HERE

If you are hitting the gym 4 to 6 days a week or even a competitive bodybuilder you need you most probably got an idea about cheat meals but let us put everything about it here

Cheat Burgers


Our bodies are very different and also very high dynamic, it can change easily and also it can get bored easily as well, so if you are in shape or getting in shape you should be following a diet or healthy eating lifestyle the whole year then having a cheat meal is what will keep your body responding what is that mean?

when we have a regular clean diet in the offseason daily after some time we feel we are not growing and not losing enough fat the reason is our bodies hormones do get used to certain calories and nutrients that’s why even in the diet we have to keep changing protein types and carb types so also Cheat meal work by adding a sudden high calorie portion with a lot of fat, carb, and protein which our bodies are not used to

Regan grimes chet meal

So a huge replenish in your glycogen stores takes place and you will have a lot of energy during the following week and strangely your body will respond even better


1. Obese (FAT LOSS)
It depends on your diet or program or individual by as a general rule adding high calories meal without a lot of protein if you are not a bodybuilder will be great so a one patty burger and fries or a pizza and a dessert will be great, I would not go for a full cheat day

2. Getting in shape (fit or Physique)
If you cheat meal you should have more protein than a normal person, so pizza needs to be with Chicken BBQ or meal lover one, as long as you have protein in your cheat meal, it will be important to feed your muscles along with the high calories

3. Bodybuilders (OFFSEASON)
You should have a high dense meal or day, as you already having high calories days in your diet and yet you need to have a metabolism boost then I would recommend either an open buffet or a high protein high calories meal,
it depends on your program or the individual but if have a full cheat day and it won’t ruin your physique then go for it
watch Illia Golem full day of eating HERE

4. Bodybuilders (Competition Prep)
you have to follow your coach tips but a cheat meal will be great till you reach a certain period where you need to cut more fat like 10 to 12 weeks out then a cheat meal will definitely need to stop but again it depends on the individual and the program he is currently on

Best Time To Have A Cheat Meal
bodybuilder cheat day


1. Burgers and fries
2. Neapolitan Pizza
3. Indian food (Biryani, chicken butter, etc…)
4. Seafood fried
5. Middle Eastern (Lebanese Manakish, Egyptian koshary or pies, Moroccon Tagine), Shakshooka, falafel, Syrian Fatta, Gulf Mandi, Yemeni Zorobyan
6. Greek
7. Japanese Sushi
8. Malaysian Laksa
9. Hungary Golash
10. Texas BBQ
11. Indonesian Ramen
12. Italian Lasagna
13. Kansas fried chicken
14. Mexican Burrito
15. Turkish Kebab
16. Spanish Paella
P.S. Desserts can be consumed post the cheat meal

you may see some of these recipes look diet but it is not because again for example Turkish kebab they add some Margarine on top so you still have the benefit of the high calories, and the idea is to also enjoy your favorite meal as well

Dwayne johnson cheat day

1. Eating very little meals on cheat day
2. Eating no protein meal (for fitness enthusiasts or bodybuilders)
3. Eating low calories meal
4. Eating a dense fried meal in the morning which makes you full for 6 to 8 hours
for example (Falafel) can make your full for the whole day so it is better to have it in the evening

1. It is better to use digestive enzymes before the cheat meal
2. I would prefer to eat the cheat meal late afternoon so it won’t suppress your appetite after
3. Walking on that day post or before your cheat meal will help a better digestion
4. Having a yogurt drink help in digestion
5. follow a full strict week after the cheat meal

Photos of the best dishes around the globe

Middle Eastern Shakshouka
Malaysian Laksa
Hungary Golash
Texas BBQ
Middle Eastern Falafel
Japenese Sushi – Click HERE for complete Sushi Guide
Italian Neapolitan Pizza
Egyptian Koshari
Egyptian Pie , Maadi, Cairo| Restaurant Menu | elmenus | Maadi Club
Egyptian pie
Fatteh al-betenjane (Eggplant casserole) Recipe | PBS Food
Syrian Fatta
Palestinian Makluba
American Pie


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