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If you are Diabetic and maintaining a healthy lifestyle or just getting started to get transformed in the gym you will notice by now that your nutrition does not differ much from most fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts


These rules are the same weather you are a diabetic or just keeping a healthy lifestyle so specially for diabetics and doing bodybuilding you have to know these below rules

2.1 you should know that it is a lifestyle not a temporary eating habit

2.2 do not leave yourself hungry for long period of time

2.3 stop or avoid sugar unless you are type 1 which require sugar if insulin has been stacked

2.4 swap junk food by clean junk at home

2.5 if dessert or sugar has been served take them immediately post meal to avoid insulin spike

2.6 adding a minimum of healthy fats in a meal will maintain a steady insulin in the blood rather than having carbs only which again will surge the insulin

2.7 maintain many meals per day to avoid sugar crash and keep your muscles recovered

2.8 maintain a healthy very low-fat low carb high protein diet

Once you have those hints in place you will find it very easy maintaining a diet which is more or less the same as any person goes to the gym


  1. TYPE 2:

Now a days more and more people are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and most elders are contracted with it but also more children and young men and women are diagnosed with it, and although it is not necessarily happen from unhealthy lifestyle it is also caused by heredity which is uncontrollable but the good news is by taking some steps you can live normally and enjoy a healthy lifestyle so here is the list

A.1 Balanced diet:

So keeping a balanced diet is the key thing towards a long healthy life that is why it is the top on the list, so as we mentioned before you need to keep a steady glucose and insulin in the blood any spikes ups or down is not recommended so to keep those steady you need to know the different types of carbohydrates as there is a list of carbohydrates which raise the glucose levels very slowly all the way up to the top of the list which can raise you glucose in the most rapid way

So, the highest glycemic index (see below) which is the most food the raise your glucose levels are the most dangerous ones starting from (simple sugar, and white bread up to the least which is oats, and peanuts)

A.2 Sleeping Habits:

Most people don’t know that sleeping affect your metabolism big time so sleeping habits are important, you need to get 7 to 8 hours sleep at least and sleeping time should not be later than 10 pm to keep your body metabolism in the best possible way and to keep your hormones balanced

A.3 Maintaining a low cholesterol level:

That is also food related so if you maintain a healthy diet and stay away from high cholesterol food you will control it, so for example try reducing fatty meat, egg yolks not more than two per day, avoid butter, margarine and saturated fat oil

And on the other side you can consume healthy fats and omega 3 which also will reduce your cholesterol or keep it low such as peanut butter, olive oil, canola oil & flax seed oil

A.4 Maintain your medication (After consulting your doctor)

For most Type 2 Diabetes medication is a must to stabilize glucose or increase insulin sensitivity in the blood and there is a different medication in the market and that is decided by your doctor

Diabetic support formula



A.5 Monitor your blood Sugar:

Monitoring your blood sugar will reduce any risks, you don’t want to get sugar crash while driving or going out, and you do not also want to have an excessive sugar in your blood without your medication so monitoring your blood sugar is the key


2.TYPE 1

That diabetic type still common and many athletes experience type 1 while doing their exercise routine , Actually that diabetic type considered easier to accommodate than type 2, and the reason behind that is insulin, when you rely on insulin it will do that the process of transporting the sugar to the blood cells so you can maintain your healthy diet and carbs at the same time maintain a steady glucose levels in the blood so still you need to follow all the points above for type 2 and two more things:

  1. Maintain your insulin intake dosages by consulting your doctor
  2. Carry a sugar snack with you in case you got a sugar crash unexpectedly

Final tips:

  1. Avoid alcohol
  2. Avoid smoking
  3. Train 4 to 6 days per week
  4. Drink lots of water

Let us know your opinion in the comments below:

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