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When you hear about Thor, you remember that is the biggest strong man on the planet, he is from Iceland, that place where most of the strongmen came from here is some interesting facts about him

Born: 26 November 1988 (age 32 years)
Height: 2.06 m
Weight: 156 kg currently (Before 205 kg)
Spouse: Kelsey Henson (m. 2018)
Children: Theresa Líf
Strong man record: He won three bronze and three silver medals in his next six attempts before being crowned champion in 2018. On 2 May 2020, Hafþór deadlifted a record-setting 501 kilograms (1,105 lb)

As we all know part of a strongman style is the extreme bodyweight but recently doctors and trainers had comments that if not muscles it is innecceasy weight, we all remember mariusz pudzianowski the polish whom were known as the dominator who was fully ripped with a six pack and used to beat guys 1.5X his weight
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Thor has lost 50 KG which is unbelievable
let us see what Thor is doing now to keep his lean size without losing any of his strength (VIDEO) below

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