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Men open, classic physique, men’s physique and women categories you don’t want to miss

As you know because of all the COVID-19 scenarios lot of changes happened in the Olympia weekend like all the other sports as well some changes had to happen first change was dates from September to December and now came back to October
and location from Vegas to Orlando

The reason for the move as the Nevada governor has announced that events like that may require a 14 day stay at home which is impossible to do with such an event which will be held on October 7th-10th


As competition is getting tougher year after year, Everyone is looking forward to the next new champ in each category

Now Big Ramy is coming to defend his title and others are fighting to grab the title, from former Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry with absolutely no flows on his physique to the Iranian wolf Hadi Choopan, we also have a few new beasts like “The Mutant” Nick Walker who got the most transformation happened in one year and expecting a top 5

As regards to Ms. Olympia Andrea Shaw’s defense of her Ms. Olympia title, Chris Bumstead is also defending his Classic Physique title on the Classic Physique division
Do not forget the 212 Olympia Champion Shaun Clarida who took the title from the Libyan champ Kamal Elgargni,

in the Bikini Division, Janet Layug is also working so hard to defend her title as well

this year’s pay-per-view production includes LIVE coverage of the Press Conference, along with Pre-Judging coverage from the Expo Stage (requires Premium Package)
This year’s pay-per-view will also include a special Amateur Olympia package, featuring 2 days of LIVE coverage of this prestigious pro qualifier (open to all NPC athletes)

You can watch Olympia live here

Here is the Packages Available :

  • FREE (FAN CHANNEL) -That will include Olympia 2021 Press Conference, meet the Olympians and the coverage of Olympia world sport Festival – Click HERE
  • Amateur Olympia 2021 Package ($24.95) – That will include only the Amateur Olympia 2021 – Click HERE
  • Premium Package ($49.95) – That will include the entire event – Click HERE


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