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Ronnie Coleman Intro

Ronnie Coleman the biggest and most conditioned bodybuilder ever exist on the planet born in May 13, 1964 is a Professional bodybuilder and 8 times Mr. Olympia which only he and Lee Haney hold that title

Ronnie Coleman Bio:

Date of birth: May 13, 1964

Place of birth: Monroe, Louisiana

Off-season weight: 143 kg

Competition weight: 136 kg

double biceps shot

Ronni Coleman full day of eating:

There is no doubt that Ronnie had the best genetics of all time and do you think that is enough? Of course not!

It has to be combines with exercise and nutrition

Ronnie used to eat classic food , like chicken breast, steaks, rice

Also potato eggs and oatmeal and of course lots of supplements

here we will see what his full day of eating looks like!

Ronnie eating chicken breast
  • BREAKFAST (first meal):. will pan spray with butter flavored cooking spray then 2 egg white cups. grits. fat-free slice cheese. bacon. Cup of coffee bowl of oats and sprinkle of cinnamon on top with splenda for a sweet flavor , after breakfast ronnie coleman will take his multivitamins

PREWORKOUT SHAKE:. Two scoops of protein powder with water and cocoa powder for flavor


Chicken breast with rice and veggies and he used to add BBQ sauce on top and sometimes he add french fries fat-free home baked

LUNCH (Third):

Ronnie used to eat alot in restaurants during preparations in Arlington ,texas a reestaurant name black eyed peas used to serve him bbq chicken with yellow rice and steamed vegetables

DINNER (Fourth):

Low fat burgers home cooked and rice , sometimes he swap for white fish and rice


He used to have that meal again in a restaurant for a change so he will have chicken breast and rice


That will be another protein shake and his night time MUTLIVITAMINS (ZMA, Arginine and BCAA, Glutamine)

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