Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Shaun Clarida Transformation 2022

As you know Shaun Clarida has transformed his physique in 2021 to a new “Giant Killer” and earlier this year On Oct. 18, 2021, Shaun Clarida has competed as an open category in the IFBB Pro League sports fest pro which Shaun was able to secure his first place was able to defeat both Sergio Oliva Jr., Regan Grimes

Shaun is only at 5’3 was able to defeat giants like IFBB Pro Regan Grimes who was already secured first place earlier in 2021 in EGYPT KO Pro which qualified him for the Olympia 2022, now Shaun is also qualified

Shaun Clarida Open Category

Shaun had the ambition to move to the open category, and to be honest, His size is growing rapidly now he reached a new shape of his life with so much mass on that frame

Shaun still did not make his mind whether he will compete in 212 or open category yet in the Olympia 2022

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