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Shawn Rhoden, Former Mr.Olympia 2018 and the best-looking physique, has died at the age of 46 years old following a reported fatal heart attack to Generation Iron.

Shawn Rhoden was able to beat Phil Heath in 2018 after a dedicated year of training with Chris Aceto where he was in his best condition and size

Shawn Rhoden Bodybuilding history

Shawn started bodybuilding in 1992 however he faced several drawbacks along the years, he became an alcoholic after his dad passed away and lost nearly all his bodybuilding gains, then he was consistent to come back where he earned his pro card in 2010 then he took it very seriously till he won the Olympia title in 2018 after beating the 7x Olympia champ Phil Heath,


Unfortunately soon after his Olympia winning a lade had accused him of raping her and without any proof, the IFBB PRO LEAGUE has drawn his Olympia title and his Pro Card, however from the witness the Married Lady who accused him has went to his room where he stayed alone in the hotel and the court has said that Shawn has entered a plea of not guilty but the unfairness of such accusation has such a bad reputation to anyone even when become innocent

We all Pray for Shawn he was such an inspiration to all of us and a great person with a sense of humour, he loved his daughter so much and he used to call her the little princess ,we feel sad that she was left alone but God will be with her and his family, RIP brother

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