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Lunk Alarm

What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Home » WELLNESS » What is Planet Fitness Lunk Alarm?

Planet Fitness is a popular gym chain that prides itself on creating a non-intimidating and judgement-free workout environment for all members. One unique feature of Planet Fitness is the Lunk Alarm, a loud siren that sounds whenever someone grunts or drops weights too loudly.

Description and purpose

The Lunk Alarm is a part of Planet Fitness’ “Judgement Free Zone” policy. The gym encourages members to refrain from actions that may make others feel uncomfortable or intimidated, such as excessive grunting or weight dropping. If a staff member or another member hears someone doing these things, they can activate the Lunk Alarm to remind the offender and others to be mindful of their behaviour. The alarm is loud and can be heard throughout the gym, so it’s meant to be a public reminder for everyone in the area to be considerate of others.

History of the Lunk Alarm

The Lunk Alarm was first introduced by Planet Fitness in 2006. The gym wanted to create a welcoming environment where everyone, regardless of fitness level or experience, could feel comfortable working out. The alarm was meant to discourage gym-goers from showing off or intimidating others, behaviours that the gym believed could discourage people from continuing their fitness journey.

Controversy surrounding the Lunk Alarm

While the Lunk Alarm has been a defining feature of Planet Fitness for over a decade, it hasn’t been without criticism.

Criticisms of the Lunk Alarm

Some people argue that the Lunk Alarm is unnecessary and even discriminatory. They believe that it reinforces negative stereotypes about bodybuilders or people who make noise during their workouts, and that it discourages people from pushing themselves to their limits.

Planet Fitness’ response to criticisms

Planet Fitness maintains that the Lunk Alarm is an important part of their non-judgemental philosophy. They believe that the alarm creates a welcoming environment for all members, regardless of their fitness level or experience. However, they do acknowledge that the alarm may not be for everyone and encourage those who disagree with their policies to find another gym that better aligns with their values.

Alternatives to the Lunk Alarm

While the Lunk Alarm may work for some people, there are other options for gyms looking to create a welcoming and non-intimidating environment.

Quiet workout areas

Many gyms offer designated quiet areas where members can workout without fear of being disturbed by others. These areas may have noise restrictions or be located in a separate room or section of the gym.

Staff monitoring and intervention

Another option is for gym staff to actively monitor the gym floor and intervene when they see members behaving inappropriately. This can be a more effective way of preventing intimidation or harassment, as it allows staff to address

he situation in real-time and take appropriate action.


The Lunk Alarm is a controversial feature of Planet Fitness, designed to create a non-intimidating and judgement-free environment for all members. While some argue that the alarm is unnecessary or even discriminatory, Planet Fitness maintains that it plays an important role in their gym’s culture. There are alternatives to the Lunk Alarm, such as quiet workout areas or staff monitoring, that may be better suited to some people’s needs.


What is the Lunk Alarm and why does Planet Fitness have it?

The Lunk Alarm is a loud siren that sounds whenever someone grunts or drops weights too loudly in a Planet Fitness gym. The gym has it to discourage behaviours that may intimidate or make other members feel uncomfortable.

Is the Lunk Alarm effective in preventing gym intimidation?

Opinions on the Lunk Alarm’s effectiveness vary. Some people find it to be an effective reminder to be considerate of others, while others feel that it reinforces negative stereotypes and is unnecessary.

Has the Lunk Alarm caused any legal issues for Planet Fitness?

There have been some legal challenges to Planet Fitness’ use of the Lunk Alarm. In 2018, a member sued the gym for discrimination after he was kicked out for grunting during a workout. The case was ultimately dismissed, but it highlights the controversy surrounding the Lunk Alarm.

Are there any other gyms with similar policies to Planet Fitness’ Lunk Alarm?

Some other gyms have similar policies to Planet Fitness, such as Gold’s Gym and Anytime Fitness. However, these policies may not be as strict as the Lunk Alarm.

What steps can Planet Fitness take to address criticisms of the Lunk Alarm?

Planet Fitness could consider offering designated quiet areas or implementing staff monitoring and intervention as alternatives to the Lunk Alarm. They could also engage in dialogue with members who are critical of the alarm to better understand their concerns and address them accordingly.

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