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4 Top weightlifting gear

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If you love weight lifting then you should always look for ways to facilitate your workout, fortunately enough we live in an era where it is continuous competition between companies to provide the best solution so here we go

1. Weight Lifting Gloves

Gloves have been for centuries but we are not talking about the old leather glove that will make your hand sweat all the time there is so much more than that now, there is a different grip material on top of the glove, the interior of the glove is more skin-friendly and provide better cushioning , check out the best 3 in the market

A. Harbinger fitness (Bioflex Elite Wristwrap glove) $43 Link HERE

Harbinger fitness (Bioflex Elite Wristwrap glove)

B. UnderArmor (Men’s Project Rock Training Glove) $30.99 Link HERE

UnderArmor (Men’s Project Rock Training Glove)

3. Trideer (Padded Weight Lifting Gloves) $20 Link HERE

Trideer (Padded Weight Lifting Gloves) $20 Link HERE

2. Barbell

As you know Americans were the first and most advanced in Gym equipments, accessories, and they do have the greatest quality when it comes to barbells

Barbells have developed big time in the material and how it is manufactured, Have a look at the best 3 barbells


A. Rogue (The Ohio Bar) $350 Link HERE

Pros: 20 kg weight, 190k Tensile strength shaft, dual knurl marks, quality composite bushings, and a lifetime warranty against bending, Patented and colors available

Rogue (The Ohio Bar)

B. Texas Power Bar (The “Original” Cerakote) $345 Link HERE

Pros: there is so much to offer in texas power by which has been inveted by the great bodybuilder Branch Warren, And Branch has put a lot of his experience to develop a perfect bar (narrow, multiple grips, 32″ handgrip rings, 190k tensile strength, aggressive and a center knurl

Texas Power Bar (The “Original” Cerakote)

C. REP Fitness (Gladiator Olympic) $422 Link HERE

Pros: Full stainless steel shaft, 5 needle bearing per sleeve, 205k tensile strength, two knurls weightlifting, and medium, lifetime warranty

REP Fitness (Gladiator Olympic)

3. Weight Lifting Belts

Weight Lifting Belt is vital for multiple reasons, Stabilize and protect your spine, adjust body biomechanics, and reduce lower back stress and prevent injuries
let us learn what is top 3 belts in the market

weight lifting belt

A. Cardillo (450R Stock Powerlifting Belt) $195 Link HERE


  • 4″ all around
  • Double ply
  • 2 prong – 2 1/2 times stronger than a single prong
  • Cardillo power lifter logo stamped on back
  • Contoured to prevent pinching when squatting and dead lifting
  • All specs meet the requirements of all powerlifting federations and strongman contests
Cardillo CARDILLO primary color belt 450 American original handmade cowhide  sports bodybuilding strength

B. Gymreapers (13MM LEVER BELT) $120 Link HERE


  • USPA approved lever weightlifting belt
  • Smooth edges and reinforced stitching
  • Premium quality leather material
  • Programmable matte black lever buckle adjustment
  • 13mm consistent thickness throughout 
  • May require several “breaking in” sessions
Gymreapers 13mm Lever Belt in Black
Gymreapers (13MM LEVER BELT)


Pros: The Schiek Competition Power Belt is the perfect belt for powerlifters.  The heavy-duty belt is 10 centimeters wide, 9 mm thick, and constructed of genuine suede leather and a stainless steel double prong buckle. Available in sizes up to 3XL

Schiek Sports Model 6010 Leather Competition Power Lifting Belt - Black :  Sports & Outdoors - Amazon.com

4. Gym Shoes

When choosing gym shoes for your bodybuilding workout is not easy, there is some aspects to be put into consideration is not style and color want to read more

A. Nike (Ramaleso 4) $200 Click HERE

B. Nike (Ramaleso 4) $200 Click HERE

B. Reebok (Legacy lifter PR 2) $140 Link HERE

Reebok (Legacy lifter PR 2) $140 Link HERE

C. Addidas (powerlift 4) $100 link HERE

Addidas (powerlift 4)

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