Trapezius is considered an endurance muscle as it holds your arms the whole day plus whatever you carry on thus it is a stubborn muscle

Just as the Calf with that said there is ways to overcome that and push it to grow

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What are the traps (Trapezius)?

The trapezius is a large paired surface muscle that extends longitudinally from the occipital bone to the lower thoracic vertebrae of the spine and laterally to the spine of the scapula. It moves the scapula and supports the arm. (WIKIPEDIA)

trapezius muscle, illustration


Why are my traps not growing?

In order to get to the bottom of that question you need first to identify what are you doing in the gym to grow the traps

As we mentioned it is a stubborn muscle that means normal routine of workout will do just nothing so let us first identify the exercises then we go to the tips

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Exercise 2: The High Pull

Grab the bar preferably EZ and grip on the shoulder width try to keep a straight back and pull the weight till reach below your chin on a circular motion as below

Exercise 2: The Shrug

You can perform that exercise using the bar, the dumbbell or smith machine or the traps machine, make sure you do 10-12 rep till failure so picking the weight that will strain the traps completely, when you raise the weight make sure to squeeze the muscle for 2 seconds then release slowly till stretch

That exercise will focus on the outer part of the traps making the

Exercise 3: Rear Shrugs

Using barbell or smith and pulling up will utilize the whole trapezius muscle but will focus on the lower and middle parts

Try to squeeze on top for 2 seconds and then go down slowly


Exercise 4: Low-Cable Face Pull

Using a rope and to attach it on the cable machine upper part and stand two feet away then pull to your forehead squeeze 2 seconds then release slowly


Exercise 5: Bent over lateral raise

That exercise is combines and not isolated as it also uses rear delts so you can still use it for both muscles

So, hold the dumbbells and slight bent your knees and back arched forward then extend arms to sides and elbows slightly bent

Bending elbows and knees will protect these joints during exercise and focus the weights directly to the muscle

You can also use a bench and put your forehead for support and to release stress from lower back


So, performing these exercises still won’t make a transformation for your traps because just doing a routine gym exercise is not enough

2. TIPS:

As we mentioned traps is a stubborn muscle so we need extra effort to push these muscles to failure:

  1. Super sets
  2. Drop sets
  3. Giant set


1.Super sets:

Combining any of the above exercises together will just add lots of stress on the traps

2. Drop sets:

On every last set of the exercise keep dropping the weights till failure

3. Giant sets:

That is the extreme strain you can reach and also transform that stubborn traps, with combining all three or four exercises in one go will push the limit of the traps try it yourself


  1. Train the traps with shoulder and another day
  2. Do two exercises post back workout
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